Calabozo: Labyrinth of the Damned


 Calabozo: Labyrinth of the Damned is a rogue-like game that takes a lot of inspiration on Wizardry, more specifically the classic: "Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord". You'll explore the Labyrinth's various randomly connected rooms, fighting enemies, getting experience, and grabbing items, weapons, and spells. With multiple characters with distinctive gameplay and a bunch of surprises here and there, every run is never the same.

 The main focus is to give a challenging but fair experience, where a lot of preparation and strategy can overcome even the hardest challenges. While the game has a notable RNG factor, even with the worst luck there's always a way to get back on top.



Welcome to the world of Calabozo.

You were sent to the Labyrinth of the Damned, a giant and mysterious maze of endless, magically interconnected rooms. Filled with some of the most dangerous creatures and the worst criminals in the whole land of Lunaroja. 
Nobody has ever gotten out of this hell and nobody ever will.
You are here because of your past, you deserve to die just like all that scum.

Abandon all hope, let the despair consume you.




- 13 Different Characters, each one with unique skills and playstyle.

- "Curse" mechanic. Certain characters are inflicted with a curse that initially weakens them, but once the are "Awoken" their strength increases and they get more skills.

- 50 floors, each one with a different enemy and item arrangement, which require different strategies.

- Special events, from the "Item Lottery" to the "Pool of Rebirth" and "Fountain of the Old Gods".

- Huge replay value, each run is always different from the last.

   You can also follow the development of the game over here:

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